Escaping from life worries and indulging in tranquility no longer requires a membership at an ultra exclusive resort. Experience the stress relieving and muscle relaxing world of a spa in the comfort of your home as you soak in our exquisite bath salt.

Our bath salt is made of Himalayan Salt which is an all-natural mineral salt harvested from ancient sea salt deposits found deep in the Himalayan Mountains. It has no additives of any kind and is simply the highest quality & most delicious unadulterated Himalayan pink salt possible.


Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Great exfoliator
  • Deeply cleansing
  • Softens and moisturizes the skin
  • Balances ph and tones skin
  • Support hydration and detoxify the skin

Epson Salt

  • Exfoliate dead skin
  • Stress reliever 
  • Relax muscle and relieves pain
  • Reducing inflammation 
      100% Natural | Paraben Free | Plant Based | Cruelty Free |  Net Weight: 8oz 

      For External Use Only

      Each bath salt is created in small batches with luxurious ingredients at our manufacturing facility in New Jersey. Every bath salt is packaged in 100% pcr plastic and recyclable boxes. Each individual bath salt goes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure the highest standard and consistency for you.