Our Story

In 2013, my wife Jana and I got engaged and we searched for unique wedding favors to gift our guests but we couldn’t find anything relating to what our guests would appreciate.

After months of research my wife came up with the idea of making a personalized soap. You must be wondering… why soap? Well, Jana Bikar Fanus has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and extensive knowledge with dealing with people’s health and skin issues. This combined with my 26 years of experience in grooming at Adrian Fanus Grooming helped us to create something we were wholeheartedly satisfied and proud with as well as our guests.

This experience encouraged us to continue carrying out extensive research about the skincare industry. We then started our soap making journey in our kitchen in late 2013. Soon after that, we upgraded into our first factory space at Industry City located in Sunset Park where the Adrian Fanus Skincare Line was born.

Nine years later, our soaps and bath products have been sold all around the world. During that time we received lots of great feedback from our customers which enabled us to create natural skincare products formulated with the safest ingredients for your skin.

Lastly, given that we care about the environment, our products are packaged in post consumer recycle and recycle packaging.

Adrian Fanus Skincare is excited for our products to find a place in your home and hearts.