Where can I purchase Adrian Fanus Products?

Adrian Fanus products can be purchased at our salon in Brooklyn New York and our online store.

How do I change quantity or cancel an item in my order?

Once an order has began processing or has been shipped, the order can no longer be edited or cancelled. Please contact us via email at info@adrianfanus.com

What happens when a product is out of stock?

All of our products are made in small batches a week or two before they are listed for sale, therefore the item will be restocked in a few days. Please note that cold processed soaps takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks to cure, therefore there will be a longer wait period on soaps.

If one has sensitive skin are your products safe for me?

We offer full transparency with our clients by listing every ingredient that goes into our products. We recommend doing a patch test on the skin before full use of our products. If any irritation occurs please discontinue use.

Is it safe to use credit cards?

Absolutely, yes.

What Happens if my body butter is melted?

Temperature (extreme heat) can affect body butters because we do not use synthetic waxes or stabilizer. If your butter arrives molten it can be placed in the refrigerator for a fews hours. While temperature affects the consistency of any body butter it does not affect the amazing properties.

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely Not. Our products are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

Do you use micas in your products?

While some of our products are colorless and fragrance free, we love the vibrance of micas in some products.  All of our micas are synthetic, meaning they are made in a lab. We chose synthetic micas because they are sustainable, pure and has superior clarity and do not promote the use of child labor.

Do we use preservatives?

Yes; if the base of a product is water, botanicals or extracts a preservative is mandatory. Our preservative of choice meets COSMOS & ECOCERT standards, is paraben free, formaldehyde free and isothiazolone free. It offers a broad spectrum protection against bacterial, yeast and molds. Our body oils, soaps and butters are all preservative free.

What is the shelf life of our products?

One year from date of purchase unless otherwise stated. We recommend use of our products within 6 months of purchase for the best results.

Are your products nut free?

No; some of our products contains sweet almond oil, macadamia nut oil and coconut oil. All the ingredients are listed on the products and our website.

Are your products palm oil free?

All of our products are palm oil free.

Are your products plant based?

Yes; all of our products are plant based with an exception of our oats and honey soap bar. It contains raw organic honey.

Where are your products made?

All of our skin care products are manufactured in New Jersey, USA.

Do we offer free samples?

We make an effort to include free samples with every purchase.

How do you source your raw materials?

One of the luxuries of a small business is that we can control our ingredients. We pride our business in knowing that the impact we make on the earth will leave it better than we found it. All of our oils are ordered in bulk to avoid shipping them frequently to reduce our carbon foot prints. Our coconut oil is ordered in 400 pounds drums that can be traced back to the exact farm it was manufactured.

While this is a costly and time consuming way to do business it gives us peace knowing we are doing our part and will continue too. All of our jars, bottles and boxes are recyclable.